In this era of economic planning, statistical data for various socio-economic parameters are basic need of state/Central Government. In order to build up a sound developmental planning for the people, DPMU is established in the District by Government. In abstract since DPMU (Statistical Cell), performs jobs on collection of extensive data collection state/central Government on schemes like EARAS (Establishment of an Agency for Reporting Agricultural Statistics), NSS (National Sample Survey), Agricultural Census, Economic Census, VICS (Village Index Card Scheme), Minor Irrigation, Census of Employees, Official Statistics etc.

On the other hand DPMU (Planning Cell) prepares compressive District Five Year Plans prospective Plan and Annual Plan for the District, and it is the Programme implementation Unit for MPLAD, MLALAD, WODC & SPF schemes.


The activities of DPMU are as

  • i-EARAS (Establishment of an Agency for Reporting Agricultural Statistics):- A Centrally sponsored schemes aims to Estimate production Paddy and 13 Minor Crops grown in the District. This process involves enumeration of crop area of Paddy and Minor Crops in 20 % sample villages and conducted Crop Cutting Experiments (CCEs) by the field level statistical surveyors (SFSs).
  • ii-RKBY:-In order to assess the crop of Paddy drop cutting experiment are conducted in all 248 GPs. Of the District in co-ordination with R.Is. of Revenue Department, VAWs of Agriculture Department and Statistical Field Surveyor of DPMU.
  • iii-NSS:-National Sample Survey (NSS) aims to survey various Socio-Economic items like per capita income, Employment and Un-employment, Drinking water , Sanitation and Hygiene, Housing condition etc. for Rural and Urban areas as per the per objective specification by Government of India.
  • iv-Agricultural Census:- It is conducted once in each five year to assess the size of Agricultural and Operational holding and Agricultural inputs practiced by farmers in the District.
  • v-Minor Irrigation Census:- This is conducted once in every five years to assess the Irrigation potential created and utilized for different source of irrigation stream like surface low, source lift, dug wells, deep tube wells in the District.
  • vi -VICS:-Village Index Card Scheme is conducted to build up data base on availability of various infrastructures like Roads, Hospitals, Post Office etc. and amenities like drinking water, Health & sanitation, education etc.
  • vii-PRICE Statistics:- the Price level of Producers price and harvest price, wholesale price and retail price of various commodities are collected both from rural and urban market to know the price index.
  • viii-Official Statistics:-Secondary data are collected from different offices to compile a booklet on District Statistical Hand Book comprising a wide rate of data on area, population, climate, geographical aspects, live stock, industry, education.

On the Planning Cell

The other objective is of preparing the comprehensive district five year plans and annual plans and implementation of MPLAD, MLALAD, WODC and special programme fund schemes.

Economy of Bargarh District

Bargarh is 48 kms. from the Asia’s large Hydroelectric Project, HIRAKUD. Bumper Paddy harvesting play an important role in the Economic scenario of Bargarh District. The Irrigated Blocks of Bargarh district i.e. Bargarh, Barpali, Attabira & Bheden are producing huge food (Paddy crop twice in a year) on behalf of Nation. Bargarh district is widely known as the rice Bowl of India for its bumper rice production. There are some vegetables grown in the district i.e. Parwal, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Brinjal, Tomato, Mung, Biri etc. are widely supplied to other districts of Odisha. The food crops grown in the district mainly serves the domestic requirement of the Odisha people. The National market of rice is highly support the
Economy of Bargarh District.

Bargarh is one of the oldest industrial (Handloom & Textile) back bone of Odisha. Handloom and Textile sector has a substantial role in shaping the Economy of the District. Quality and Unique designed Cotton Sambalpuri handloom textile products have wide demand in the India and abroad. Textile cottage industries have important role towards the Economy development of the District. There is a cement manufacturing unit located at Khaliapali which is 6 kms. distance from Bargarh districe Hqrs. which producing ACC Cement and marketing all over India. Bargarh district is also famous for its cottage Bell Metal Utensil industries.

There is a famous tourist place of Odisha, which is known as “NRUSHIHANNATH” in Paikmal Block of Bargarh district having distance of 110 kms. from Bargarh. It is a surrounded with Forest of Gandhamardan Hill, rich with Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants & Herbal Plants. Tourist of this district added an extra Economical development of the district.

Circulars and Notifications

District Statistical Hand Book, Economic Census-2005, Financial Inclusion Survey-2012.

Supreme Authority of the Office

Deputy Director (Planning & Statistics), DPMU, Bargarh
Tel.-06646-246573 (Planning Cell)
e-mail- dpobgh@ rediffmail[dot]com (Planning Cell)