Six of the Astasambhus

Baradabalunkeswara of Gaisima- The Baradabalunkeswara temple is situated in Gaisima village which is 13 kms away from the DHQ. It is supposed to have been built in between 1766 to 1778 by Abhaya Singh the King of Sambalpur.
Swapneswar of Sorna- Sorna is a village in the block of Attabira. It is 30 kms far from the DHQ. There are 2 routes to go to the village. One is through Rengali Camp and the other is through Remunda. It was built during the Kingship of Ajit Singh in Sambalpur under the supervision of Dewan Dakshinray. There is a big pond in front of the temple covering an area of 6 acres. The temple itself spreads over 4 acres of land. The place bears immense religious significance in the district.

Baidyanath of Deogaon- Deogaon is a village just 7 kms far from the DHQ. It is situated on the western side of the DHQ and beside the road that leads to Bhatli. As per the version of Historian Shiba Prasad Dash, this temple of Lord Baidyanath was also built by King Ajit Singh of Sambalpur under the supervision of his Dewan Dakshinray.
Mahakaleswar of Nilji- The village Nilji is situated on the South of the DHQ and comes under Bhatli Police station. According to a popular legend, Lord Shiba incarnated here as Mahakaleswar during the reign of Chouhan King Balaram Dev. Subsequently, the temple was built to worship him.
Bisweswar of Saranda- Belonging to the block Attabira, the village Saranda is situated beside the NH joining Bargarh and Sambalpur. The temple of Lord Bisweswar exists here. This temple too was built under the supervision of Dewan Dakshinray of Sambalpur. The spot glorifies the charisma of Lord Shiba .

Kedarnath of Ambabhona- Ambabhona is situated at the foot of Barapahar Mountain. It is on the northern side of and 35 kms far from the DHQ. The temple of Lord Kedarnath exists here inside a beautiful pond. Though popular belief accords the credit of building of the temple to Sambalpur King Baliyarsingh, History accords it to Dewan Dakshinray.

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How to Reach:

By Air

The Nearest airports is Biju Pattnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar (300 K.M).

By Train

The Nearest Railways station is Bargarh Road .

By Road

National Highway 6 connecting Mumbai to kolkata passes through Bargarh.