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District Administration

Profile Picture Name Designation Email Address Phone Fax
Collector-Goyal Shri Aditya Goyal,IASDistrict Magistrate & Collector Bargarhdm-bargarh[at]nic[dot]inOffice of the Collector and DM, Bargarh06646-232340
SP Bargarh Shri Prahlad Sahai Meena, IPSSuperintendent Of police Bargarhspbgr[dot]odipol[at]nic[dot]inOffice of the Superintendent Of police, Mobile No-9438916490(BSNL-CUG) , 9348464352 (Jio No)06646-234480

Additional District Magistrate

Profile Picture Name Designation Email Address Phone Fax
pdp adm Shri Chavan Kunal Motiram,IASAdditional District Magistrate,Padampuradmpadampur-od[at]gov[dot]inOffice of the Additional District Magistrate,Padampur
Sri Lalat Kumar Luha,OAS(S)Additional District Magistrate,Bargarhadmbargarh[at]gmail[dot]comOffice of the Collectorate,Bargarh06646-232840
Shri. Mahendra Mohapatra, OAS (S) Shri. Mahendra Mohapatra, OAS (S)Additional District Magistrate,Bargarhadmbargarh[at]gmail[dot]comOffice of the Collectorate,Bargarh

Sub Collectors

Profile Picture Name Designation Email Address Phone Fax
Sub Collector bargarh Shri Kumar Nagabhusan, OAS (S)Sub Collector,Bargarhsubcol[dot]barg-od[at]nic[dot]inOffice of the Sub-Collector,Bargarh
Sub Collector Pdp Shri Alok Kumar Patel,OAS(SB)Sub Collector,Padampursubcol[dot]padm-od[at]nic[dot]inOffice of the Sub-Collector,Padampur

National Informatics Centre

Profile Picture Name Designation Email Address Phone Fax
DIO Bargarh Sri Raja Ram Mohan MajhiJoint Director(IT) & DIOdio-brg[at]nic[dot]inRoom No-13 ,National Informatices Centre, District Unit Collectorate ,Bargarh

Collectorate Officials

Profile Picture Name Designation Email Address Phone Fax
IPSITA MISHRA MRS. IPSITA MISHRA,OAS(JB)Deputy Collectordycollrevbgh-od[at]gov[dot]inOffice of the Collectorate,Bargarh
Jyotirupa Satpathy MS. JYOTIRUPA SATPATHY,OAS(JB)Deputy Collectordycollesttbgh-od[at]gov[dot]inOffice of the Collectorate,Bargarh
P Giri SRI PRAJNANANDAN GIRI,OAS(JB)Deputy Collectordeocbargarh-od[at]nic[dot]inOffice of the Collectorate, Bargarh
SRI BHUBANA NANDA SAHOO,ORSAssistant Collectordycollesttbgh-od[at]gov[dot]inOffice of the Collectorate,Bargarh
N Meher SRI NISHIKANTA MEHER,ORSAssistant Collectordycolljudclbgh-od[at]gov[dot]inOffice of the Collectorate,Bargarh
No Image SRI MUKTESWAR PANIGRAHI,OAS(JB)Deputy Collectordycollelebgh-od[at]nic[dot]inOffice of the Collectorate,Bargarh